Stations of The Cross
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish

140 Year Old Paintings and Classical Architecture Repurposed with Creativity and Technology


To remain in classic architectural harmony of what Stephen Cascio designed for the church sanctuary for Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Kenosha, WI, his next challenge was to replace the contemporary Stations of the Cross with expressive paintings. Continue reading and see how it was done.


Research. Photograph. Image Edit. Print.

With a very minimal budget, extremely large Stations of the Baroque style are not only rare to find but costly to craft. But with some imagination, creativity and the use of large format digital print technology, Stephen developed the optimal solution that fools the eye and embraces the passion of Our Lord.

After extensive research, original paintings by German artist Charles Fick in 1879 were found displayed in a beautiful former Catholic church, called St. Mary’s in Dubuque, Iowa. Other than the main and side altars being removed, the interior of the church has been retained and has been converted to a community event center called Steeple Square.

Once photographed on-site in high-res, the image files of the stations were then taken back to Stephen Cascio’s studio to be digital retouched, color corrected and cropped to accommodate the new Station’s proportions. The Stations were printed at 2500 resolution with fade-proof vinyl inks on canvas and with a wallpapered adhesive applied to the wall. The arch with the paintings creates a stunning realistic image of a magnificent large dimensional Stations. 45in x 65in (114.3cm x 165.1cm) The painted limestone grout lines around the Stations convinces the viewer that the wall and the fourteen Stations are 3 dimensional.


The 50 foot lighting cantilever soffit below the Stations were dressed in classic molding detail that architecturally compliments the stations.

Large Format Fine Art Reproduction Capabilities 

Stephen Cascio is highly knowledgeable and equipped with fine art Giclee printers that can reproduce sacred art imagery on archival paper, canvas, fabric and translucent materials. Call for more details about your project. 



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