Sanctuary Renovation at Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Stations of the Cross at Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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Devotional Shrine of Saint Gemma

Altar of Calvary Project


Devotional Shrine of Saint Padre Pio

Residential Grotto

Devotional Shrine of Saint Gemma

Devotional Shrine of Saint Gemma

Conversion of St. Paul. Music by Stephen Cascio


What transformed from an ordinary white wall within a home sacredly became a Catholic prayer altar with old world charm. These quaint home altars are usually adorned with holy cards, personal photos, flowers, statuary, candles, rosaries—giving personal spiritual meaning and devotion during the day.

Residential Grotto

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Hand sculpted by Stephen Cascio. To give more detail and significance on a high altar during the Mass, the Lamb of God sculpture with relief is displayed above Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s tabernacle.

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Liturgical Design & Sacred Art

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