Composed and Produced by Stephen S. Cascio

Image: Painting by Caravaggio in the year 1601

This original music is dedicated to Dr. Scott Hahn and his wife Kimberly—converting and celebrating over 30 years of becoming Catholic.

A Soul Changing Passage


Composed and produced by Stephen S. Cascio

Duration: 2 minutes

Prior to his conversion, Paul, (Saul) avidly persecuted the first Christians, and was even present for the martyrdom of St. Stephen, consenting to his stoning execution. Still breathing murderous threats against the Apostles and Christians, he headed towards the city of Damascus.

Music scene begins: On horse on his way to Damascus, Scripture say that “for 3 days (Saul) was unable to see, and he neither ate or drank”. Perhaps as ascetic penance, Saul demonstrated remorse for the sins he had committed against the followers of Jesus and

contemplated how his life would have changed in light of what had happened on the road to Damascus. In his hunger, thirst and blindness, Saul longed for fulfillment and enlightenment and slowly came to the realization that they could only come through Christ.

En route to Damascus, a blinding flash of light (Sound marker 1:26) knocked Saul from his horse and then a voice from the sky cried out, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” (Acts 9:4b). The voice identifies himself as Jesus, and instructs Saul to continue to the city, where he is to be met by a disciple named Ananias.

Cascio’s Music Background

Trained in the family of woodwinds from classical to jazz, Cascio’s eclectic style ranges from whimsical, contemplation, heartfelt to bold. His music has organically developed around his inquisitive interest, personality and collaborative synergy to communicate through our world’s universal language. Music.

Cascio has also sung and directed choirs of sacred music for the Tridentine Mass.

Music storytelling is strengthen and enriched from his visual world of being a Creative Director, photographer, artist and liturgical designer—in hopes of giving mindful ears the gift to see, sense and feel.

His collection of music can be heard on SoundCloud.

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