The artist, image of God the Creator.

— St. John Paul II


It may not have been immaculately conceived but you have a vision. The timing seems right. There is an overall consensus and incitement to move forward and look at your best options to make your special project become a reality.

As a Sacred Artistic Director and consultant, Stephen S. Cascio leads your project from concept to design, archdiocese approvals to fundraising programs, coordination and to final installation. Every project has its unique challenges and requires a flawless amount of skill-sets and expertise to accomplish the extraordinary. Cascio’s projects may involve a team of selected architects to fabricators to the traditional techniques of enriched artisans. Cascio partners with exceptional people and groups that share the same mindset and understanding—harmonizing talent that make each project a shared blessing and pleasure.

Within a project, Cascio may also be artistically hands-on with his love for painting, trompe-l’oeil, sculpting and crafting of sacred art. His meticulous attention to detail and timeless aesthetics allows each individual space and art object to have a beautiful meditative voice. 


Servicing beauty and practicing in classical tradition liturgical design and sacred art, annunciating the observance of traditional Catholic teaching.


• Project goal analysis

• Conceptual design exploration based on budgets
• 3D spacial documentation and renderings
• Sacred art paintings, statuary, stained glass, mosaic
• Marble faux
• Altar, Baptistry, Sanctuary to full church renovation
• Decorative painting & ornamental
• New construction
• Fundraising and education marketing materials


Project Collaboration

If you are an existing liturgical arts firm, clergy, Catholic media or a Catholic influencer looking to add an Artistic Design Director or artist resource that could bring a distinctive depth and dimension to your unique project, Stephen S. Cascio could become an integral part of your project team.

Please contact Stephen and introduce yourself to begin a collaborative conversation.



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